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Marie Johnson-Calloway

Marie Johnson-Calloway, "As a Black woman artist, I wished to look beneath the misconceptions with which history had covered my people and me", Johnson-Calloway "attempts to depict the rough-hewn beauty of some of the people in my life in realistic, representational terms, using media such as weathered wood, worn clothing and found objects. In other works she uses spiritual and ancestral symbols sometimes infused within the imagery. The one connecting thread through all of the work is my perception of my own world, external and internal and my continuous effort to relate the personal with the universal". Johnson-Calloway has had a long and distinguished career from her B.A. at Morgan State College, where she recently had a major retrospective of her work, to professorships at San Francisco State University, San Jose State University and California College of Arts & Crafts. She has been a lecturer and consultant as well as teaching in city schools. Her exhibits and awards are many and varied.

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