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With a new year upon us we felt it was again time for another exhibition of recent acquisitions. We have gathered a fine selection and somewhat eclectic group of fine prints and drawings for this exhibition.

Included will be the following works, Peggy Bacon's satiric and humorous, "The Patroness", which includes a self-portrait of the artist along with one of her, not so well represented, patroness'. Two rare lithographs by Leon Bibel, "Unemployed Marchers" relating the pathos of the depression and the whimsical and undulating "Windy City". Howard Cook's impressive image of "The Engine Room" has always held a special fascination for it's geometric movement and shapes. A recently discovered hand colored impression of "Night Wharf" by Richard V. Correll displays the artist's fascination with the docks as well as his facility with hand coloring to enhance the mood of the print.

Paul Landacre's masterpiece, "THE PRESS", will be one of the showcase prints of this exhibition. Very little need be said about this most impressive design and the impression is impeccable and dedicated "For ML", Landacre's wife.

Other important artists whose work will be exhibited include, Irving Amen, Lou Barlow, David Burke, , Pele DeLappe, and a very rare Misch Kohn, "Struggle" an important large wood engraving from 1949.

Missing Red Rooster J. Jay McVicker's "Red Rooster" from 1951 is one of McVicker's early introductions into abstraction. This four color aquatint, serigraph and soft ground etching is a tour de force in printmaking combinations and color by a master printmaker. Only 7 known impressions were pulled at that time. He later used the plates for a larger edition in 1982.

Emmy Lou Packard is represented by three large linocuts, Artichoke Picker, Harvest Near Half Moon Bay and Cooking Crabs At Fisherman's Wharf. Charles Turzak's rare and finely crafted strong design of "The Tank Worker" stands out in his oeuvre of his major woodcuts. African American artists will be represented by Elizabeth Catlett's "Nino Papalero", 1947 one of Catlett's earliest lithographs. Others to be included will be "Cartas", 1986, "Blues Player", 1995, "Door Of Justice", 2000, "Links Together", 1996, "Waving", 1989 and others. Other African American artists included will be Bernard Goss whose linocuts "Sojourner Truth" and "Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr." were printed in very small editions and are very rarely seen. John Wilson's "Trabajador" (The Worker), 1951 and Hale A. Woodruff's "A Youth" are also featured.

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