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J. JAY McVICKER (1911-2004)

Color Prints, 1950-1985

Modernist Casein on Paper

J. Jay McVicker, master of the aquatint, was the consummate artist. He studied at Oklahoma State and eventually became Professor of Art and Chairman of the Department of Art at Oklahoma State University. He held this position for nearly 40 years. Throughout his life he became one of the most proficient artists in the field of aquatint printmaking. He continued to experiment with the medium his entire life. McVicker’s prints have been exhibited throughout the United States capturing numerous awards and his prints are in museums across the country. His prints were also exhibited around the world in many countries garnering acclaim wherever they were shown.

During the 1940s McVicker produced black and white aquatints depicting his native Oklahoma landscape as well as industrialscapes in a very representational style. In the late 1940s and early 1950s he introduced color to his images in aquatint as well as silkscreen. It was during this time that he began shifting his style towards cubism and semi-abstraction. McVicker It is this later style that this exhibition will focus upon.

It is important to mention that throughout McVickers’ career he worked in all medium of art including painting on paper and canvas, examples shown here, as well as sculpture. He was the consummate artist.

These later images show the range of his extraordinary talents with more complex multi-media prints. Following his initial line etching of the plate, McVicker may have applied a soft-ground and impress fabrics, crumpled tissue, wire mesh or other texture-giving materials in order to vary and enrich the background structure of his design. He then may have proceeded with the color aquatint process and in many instances used separate plates for each color and sometimes added serigraphy to obtain the desired effect. During this period of intense color exploration McVicker simply called himself “a colorist”. In todays vernacular he may be termed a Modernist and his prints and paintings referred to as Midcentury Moderne.

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